Wednesday, September 22, 2010

At the home of the late Mdm Leong

I visited the family of the kindergarten teacher who passed away in Bandar Sunway as a result of snatch theft. Click here to read more about the incident.

The late Mdm Leong worked in Subang Jaya, lived in Taman Sri Muda and was walking on the pedestrian bridge connecting DUN Subang Jaya to DUN Seri Setia when she was attacked. All 3 state assemblymen : myself, Nik Nazmi (Seri Setia) and Shuhaimi Shafiei visited the family of the late Mdm Leong and gave financial assistance to the family on behalf of the Selangor State Government. Our condolences to her husband and daughters.

We urge the police and Home Ministry to beef up security in urban townships. Snatch thefts must be given heavy penalty and not be treated as petty crime. There are simply too many victims of snatch theft and the thieves must know that they can no longer get away with such senseless acts.


Anonymous said...

How many more Malaysian must die this way ? Hannah, Nik & Suhaimi , Thank You for your courage to come together sharing this sad moment under one roof. To the Bereaved Family, my heartfelt condolence. May God Bless You All !

cms said...

YB, thank u for your info on late mdm Leong's funeral service. I attended her funeral service. Sad farewell but a meaningful homily at the service. Agreed with the priest. No explanation on why such a violence death. But, we have to continue to have faith in Jesus Christ for He too died a miserable and violence death. Death on the cross.

Gillian said...

This just isn't fair and shouldn't happen :(. It was nice of you to make time to attend her funeral.

cms said...

since the late Mdm Leong's funeral, to-date I attended 7 funeral service. The number 7th was my dad. My dad, Peter Sia called home to be with the Lord on 29/10. It is FAITH that makes me and my family remain strong. Fantastic crowd! Church full! Thank u to all presence including more than 10priest. Agreed with the priest, it is all due to the involvement of my family in church. May God bless all of you.

Anonymous said...

The Government should make the penalty stiffer for snatch thieves-these thugs not only cause loss of belongings but also cause grevious hurt and at times loss of lives. To get what they want they do not care what happen to the victims.
Please push for better police patrols and heavier penalties.