Friday, September 17, 2010

Malaysia Day and NOT 1Msia Day

Below is the article from Harakahdaily:

Really guys, it's Malaysia Day, minus the '1': Hannah
PETALING JAYA, Sept 16: There is still a section of Malaysians who are confused about today's public holiday, thinking that it has to do with prime minister Najib Razak's political battlecry '1Malaysia'.

Subang Jaya state representative Hannah Yeoh is least amused, reminding the people that today is a celebration of Malaysia Day, and not '1Malaysia Day'.

“Today is Malaysia Day, not 1Malaysia Day. Do not commercialise historical days and add '1' to every product, slogan, speech,” lamented Hannah in her Facebook posting.

Hannah also was dumbfounded over the announcement by Najib in Sandakan, Sabah about the "1Malaysia milk" programme, part of efforts to build a generation of healthier and stronger Malaysians.

The programme which started with an initial cost of RM4 million will enable all pupils in primary schools nationwide to receive free milk from next month.

“Free milk is good but no need to label it 1Malaysia milk," retorted Hannah, sarcastically questioning whether the name suggested that the milk could now be consumed by Malaysians of all races.

On Malaysia Day, Hannah urged Malaysians to "live in substance, not the form", adding that the '1Malaysia' slogan was as wrong as singer cum composer Namewee’s controversial tweaking of the national anthem to "Negarakuku".

“Namewee has been questioned before for adding 'ku' to our Negaraku. But Barisan Nasional can get away with adding '1' to our Malaysia,” wrote Hannah


Eric said...

Yeah is true... We are celebraitng Malaysia Day, not 1Malaysia Day... Fools always hate wisdom and knowledge...

Msian said...

Gitulah gerak laku dia orang - slogan ....slogan...ada udang disebalik batu ...kot

Au and Target said...

Hi Hannah,

Read your post; interesting. Wanted to email you but have lost your contact. Listen, I almost smashed into my neighbour this morning because illegal parking all along Boulevard condo in wangsa baiduri subang jaya forces opposite two lanes of traffic to go into one lane, head to head, around 3 (!!!) blind corners.

Two of my neighbours have told me they too have had very near misses. Next time you visit MPSJ, can you ask them to send a tow truck and move those people? There's plenty of parking inside the condo; in fact, the car park is almost empty. And if they don't move off the street, there will be an accident soon.


Anonymous said...

YB Hannah

It's pretty mind boggling why it has to be 1Malaysia for everything.

Anyway, I wud like to thank you for gracing our SS14/8F & 14/8B Hari Raya gathering yesterday. I am most pleased with your concern on neighbourhoods safety. We need your continuous support to make it work effectively.

For a start, we need approval for a shed for the 2 security guards on patrol every nite (9pm-7am) for shelter against rain on the Green Square (Same area used during the gathering)

Can you assist and/or direct us accordingly.