Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Malaysia Day - love for the nation

On Malaysia Day, a group of 60 youth gathered at SS13 flats to express their love for this nation. The message : to take ownership of this land and learn to care for their neighbours. 20 local residents from the flats participated in the venture with the assistance from Alam Flora and MPSJ enforcement officers. It was not so much about the act of cleaning itself, it was about NOT being indifferent to others in the community. It is not always an easy task to mobilise youth on a public holiday at 7am! I'm so glad these youth took time to do something positive for others. No fancy slogan on Malaysia Day : they just expressed it through their actions that morning!

Below is the article from the Star:  

ABOUT 60 youths showed their love for the country by volunteering for a gotong-royong to clean up the SS13 flats compound in Subang Jaya on Malaysia Day.

Phang Jun Yee, 14, said she did not mind waking up so early during the school holidays, as the initiative was for a good cause.“

It feels great to help clean up the area and possibly save lives in view of the health hazards like dengue fever,” said Cherish Choo, 15, whose father also helped out at the gotong-royong.

Although they go to different schools in Petaling Jaya, Jun Yee and Cherish knew each other through church and the Change Your World movement, which organised the event.

Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh said the initiative was a statement from the youths to declare their love for the nation and to do something for the community.

“It also encourages them to take responsibility for the things that are happening in their country,” she said, adding that a simultaneous clean-up was held in the Bukit Gasing constituency.

“The youths, who come from all over the Klang Valley, worked with the residents to clean the drains and collect rubbish in the compound.

“The project was also supported by Alam Flora and the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ), which provided equipment and workers to trim trees and cut the grass.”

In addition to learning about the challenges of living in flats and the Joint Management Body (JMB) concept, Yeoh said the youths would also be exposed to the Rakan Cop programme conducted by the police and anti-human trafficking efforts by Tenaganita after the cleanup.

MPSJ councillor and JKP Zone 1 chairman Dr Loi Kheng Min said the gotong-royong was an opportunity for the youths to interact with the local community.

Change Your World coordinator Cathryn Lim said the local movement encouraged youths to learn and love the cities they lived in.

“Our aim is to create awareness among youths in schools and tertiary institutions about social ills, with a focus on three key issues.

“We also work with the local community to tweak the activities according to local needs,” she said.

 MPSJ councillor Dr Loi removing illegal banners

 There were 5 of such groups all over SS13 that morning

 Youth and local residents of SS13 flats attending the briefing by the police on Rakan Cop program and anti human trafficking effort by Tenaganita

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