Thursday, November 25, 2010

Please come out and help clean up


Anonymous said...

No to the likes of Lee Kee Hiong who gave contracts to her uncle

Anonymous said...

Please do this more frequent. Not only in SS 15. The rats are getting much fatter.

Anonymous said...

We should go to the root cause rather to the end results. Why there are rats?? Subangians love them like cats and dogs feeding them by throwing the food around!!! Less food, less rats. The campaigns is to throw the food into proper containers.

Anonymous said...

Hi YB,

Please focus some effort at USJ1, the new road hump at from from Chee Wen school is stopping water from draining properly.

Please put few more road humps to stop the fast vehicles as they create noise at the roads leading to Angsana.

Some awareness program is needed about lift cleanliness at Meranti and Angsana. Maybe some fund is needed to put posters at the lift, and some garbage cans at the lift would be good but maybe would be abused later by irresponsible people to dump their home garbage.

But none much can be done if the community pays the maintenance fees promptly.

Anonymous said...

Please open up all the gates in USJ11/4 and not leave it to all the stupid committee to decided whatever they want for their own conveniencel.
There are only two gate open of all 6 gate for a big area in USJ 11/4. Dont you think that it wrong and very wrong?
Every body is angry but the stupid committee is just giving all sort of excuses to close the gate and I dont know what is their intention.
Please stop it and return the freedom to the people in USJ11/4.

Anonymous said...

I am sadden. My comment about the gated and the inconveniences were not publish. The residents especially who walk in and out of the area are really angry with closing of all the gates and small entrances most of the time. Many choose to climb in which is really not easy. Can you please dont allowed these committee members to do as they wish.
I want to apply for one of he door infront of my house to be open on 8th because I am having a party, I approach one of the committee member and he ask me to see another committee member, but who is that? There is no contact No. in the gate at all. He then ask me to make a police report if I want. They are just here to cause inconveniences to the residents.

Alan said...

To USJ/Subang neighbours,

This is not the first time I try to write something below.

I live in USJ too. If there is anything which you think you would like to voice out, you can certainly voice out here. However, there are things which we can, as the residents, go to MPSJ to file our direct complaints.

Hannah Yeoh got so many things to do every day, and we just cannot expect her to help complete every complaint for every resident in this community. She will sure help, but we should do our part also.

If you were the ADUN yourself, seeing people only know how to write and ask you to go and do something, yet the residents themselves never take any initiative in reporting to MPSJ first, how do you all feel?

Please help each other. Whatever we, as a resident, can do first, we go and do it, without voicing out to Hannah first. Only once after we file the report and notice that MPSJ has not taken any action a week or so, we then only seek for Hannah's or her colleagues' help to follow the case.

By doing that, we can help her allocate her time more properly.

Believe me, we can do our part first. I always do. It is the matter whether you want to do it.

Please do it.

God bless you all.

USJ's 8 Resident.