Thursday, November 18, 2010

Press Statement from Menteri Besar

NOV 18, 2010

SHAH ALAM: The Selangor Government has put on hold the proposed development of 19 acres in Taman Subang Ria until a full valuation of the property is completed and presented to Subang Jaya residents.

The decision was made this morning at the state economic action meeting chaired by Menteri Besar Tan Sri Dato Seri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim following briefings by Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) president Dato' Adnan Md. Ikhsan and state town and country planning department director, Dato' Jaafar Mohd. Atan. 

The State government is aware that 19 acres of development - which is  part of the 72 acres that is owned by Sime Darby-  have been placed in the gazetted Subang Jaya local plan but assured there will be no development approved until the valuation report is made known to the Subang Jaya residents. 

The Menteri Besar also directed Dato’ Adnan to give briefings to MPSJ councilors as soon as possible to ensure that the residents have access to the correct information with regards to the issue.

The state government ensures its commitment towards ensuring proper procedures are adhered to, most importantly that all information must be given to residents concerned. This is in line with our belief in the right to information and freedom of information.

The residents must be duly informed, given full planning decisions, as they are ultimately the beneficiaries of the state's plans. We hope our planning and development decisions will be made on a multi-stakeholder basis, and continue to encourage such dialogue and discussion between the people and the government.

In April this year, the Menteri Besar gave his verbal commitment during his meeting with Subang Jaya residents in April 2010 that any decision on Taman Subang Ria would be put on hold until the valuation report was completed. At the same dialogue, acquisition of the area on one for one basis was proposed by the residents, an option which the state government said would be explored. 



Anonymous said...

khalid go! just go!

ghkok said...

YB, thanks for the timely info although you are in a timezone 8 hours away. I think the commitment from the MB is crystal clear - no action on the land is allowed until the issue is sorted out. This is consistent with the commitment he gave during the April meeting with residents. We look forward to the valuation report, and we deplore the effort by Sime Darby to bring the matter to the Appeals Board in secrecy. This undermines the resolution process and is a TOTAL DISRESPECT to the people of Subang Jaya.

hurricanemax said...

my crystal ball is telling me that the evaluation of the park land will be based on commercial rate. The estimated amount (give or take a few million$) will be so high that the PKR state gomen will say "we do not have the fund to buy back"...
There is no Win-Win here.
Its SlimeDarby 1 - SJ Residents 0.

Why is it so difficult to envision a green Central Park? A Hyde Park? A Regent Park perhaps in Subang Jaya?

Anonymous said...

One very important point, YB.

You have to follow up very closely to the point of ensuring that YAB MB commits to you that there shall be no state planning committee (nor the appeals board) meeting in his absence.

Your earlier description of the action of the state planning committee as being inconsistent with the gazetted local plan suggested a sabotage by forces in the committee which were not aligned to the elected government.

- wira

Anonymous said...

YB Hannah, It's absolutely clear that the majority of the Subang Jaya do not want any further development for Taman Subang Ria. The whole Taman should remain as a "green lung" in perpetuity.