Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Taman Subang Ria

Brief chronology of the application by Sime Darby to develop Taman Subang Ria :

April 2009 : State Planning Committee gave approval in principle to Sime to develop 19 acres out of 72.63 acres. Balance of 53.63 acres must be upgraded and surrendered back to the State Authority as a public recreational park. [Note : this is still subject to a detailed submission of the application to MPSJ]. 

June 2009 : Hearing for the Draft Local Plan in MPSJ. MPSJ accepted the residents' suggestion to gazette the full 72.63 acres of the park as a recreational park.

February 2010 : Objections by resident groups were submitted to MPSJ after Sime has submitted an application to MPSJ to subdivide and convert land use of the park [Note : this is not a detailed application to develop the park]. 

March 2010 : Menteri Besar releases classified information on Taman Subang Ria particularly on how the land title for the park landed in Sime's hand.

April 2010 : Menteri Besar met about 600 residents of Subang Jaya in Holiday Villa for a dialogue session. At the dialogue, Menteri Besar agreed to conduct a valuation report on the costs of acquiring the park and to have it discussed at a second dialogue to be held in June 2010. There was a delay in the presentation of the valuation report. 

May 2010 : MPSJ rejected Sime's application to subdivide and convert land use of the park on the basis that it was inconsistent with the gazetted Local Plan. 

October 2010 : I was informed that Sime has appealed to Lembaga Rayuan (Appeals Board) in May 2010 against MPSJ's decision to reject their application. We immediately arranged for residents to file an intervener at Lembaga Rayuan, Derek Fernandez will be representing the residents for the hearing on 28 December 2010. Some inconsistencies have been found in the gazetted Local Plan and you can read more about it here.

November 2010 : I have been informed that the valuation report has been tabled to the Selangor State Executive Councillors and that the Menteri Besar is ready to meet the residents a second time via a dialogue to be held in December 2010.

My position : The decision by the State Planning Committee in April 2009 is inconsistent with Local Agenda 21 and lacks transparency and accountability to the people and should be nullified. No consultation was done by the Committee prior to this decision. The inconsistencies highlighted in the Local Plan are a cause for concern and I have notified the State Executive Councillors on the discrepancies. The Menteri Besar must investigate the inconsistencies and hold the culprit responsible. Sime Darby on the other hand (whose substantial shareholder is the Federal Government : AmanahRaya is wholly owned by the Federal Government) should listen to the voice of the people and return the park back to the people.


Anonymous said...

Dear YB, please tell us who were in the state planning council meeting in April 2009 ? Subang citizen has the right to know.


Anonymous said...

I am back home angry. USJ 11/4 has 5 entrances but oooonly two are open this morning. Causing a lot of petrol and time to find another entrance. It is very funny right? When there are road and entrances, some one simply has the right to close as his or her wish.
No matter what they do there are still break in days and nights, earlier when my house was broken in the police said they took time to find the entrances that is why they were late.

Anonymous said...

Well at least during Lee Hwa beng time, the BN government didn't give any principle approval or any approval for that matter.Well he stood by his word.Now we have spin masters saying lots of things like we stand with the people etc but approval is given! Why? What did you do? Your hands are tied we gather. At least Hwa beng delivered even with his famous over my death body phrase was mocked and true enough no approval was given while he was YB which means he has lots more influence on the state govt and MPSJ. so what you have done for Subang Ria? they have got principle approval which means they are getting closer. valuation is late by 5months,not 1 but 5months! what kind of performance is this? Subang park will go the same way as USJ6 Telekom issue? Another screw up by PR govt and till today there is no feedback or action.waiting for it to go away. we rakyat in Subang are suffering.Well you can blame Hwa beng for this one and we are sick of Bn being blamed, just do your job. This happened in April 2009, one year after you became ADUN and PR govt. sigh.we should thank you and PR govt. Well done.

Sharing said...

For Subang Jaya with a Total 583ha, following are mandatory:
1) 10% (58.3ha) for public Amenities and Facilities, such as Sport Complex, City Hall, etc..
2) 5% of Water Surface (29.15ha and with dry land in between, it will come to 40ha), A Water Retention Pond which also go for a Town Park as the case for Subang Jaya.
All have to be "furnished" by the Developer and handed over to the State to pass them to MPPJ (now
MPSJ) for their management/maintenance to justify their call for Assessment.

They are Reserved Land under NLC where the State has NO POWER (to alienate, sell or change).

A. Where are all these Reserved Land?
The Water Retention Pond (40ha) has been misappropriated with Breach of Trust by the State Government to Sime UEP, PKNS (then with Emko for the Wangsa Baiduri Condo Project) and other buildings - commercial and residentail nearby.
Are all these be classified as "Stolen Properties" under the Criminal Code?
As such, should all transactions or transfer involved be ILLEGAL and so NULL & VOID?
Same goes for the Common Facilities in Wangsa Baiduri when PKNS has further Misappropriate the land for the Club house and Emko misappropriate half piece of building land and landscaped garden.

B.With the CM Press Statement of March 17, 2010, it indicated clearly, the "Transaction" of the land title was a Corrution Practice. Therefore, should the State Gazette those 10 houses for those officers involved?

C. ALL Acts related to Land and Housing matters on Public or Common Properties, the Rights go to Each and Every Proprietor. Each and Everyone need to be informed. They cannot be Representated by any Resident Association, or Representative, unless with a Proxy.

Same goes for the 10%!!

MPSJ should reject any appliction for Development on basis of Stolen Property or Title that should be NULL & VOID due to Misappropriation, Breach of Trust and Corruption!!


All the Best!!

hurricanemax said...

YB Hannah,
While we appreciate yr stand on this sad saga of subang ria, How deep or big an impression is the PKR state govt stand on this? Is the MB even willing to listen? What is DAP's stand on correcting the past regime wrong on this?

Anonymous said...

The Police are not doing their job by patrolling the area. Had they been on the job they would have known where the entrances are by virtue of being familiar with Subang Jaya. Last Saturday I noticed a Police Beat base at the corner of Jalan SS15/7 and 15/8 where Taylor's College is located. It was manned by a policeman playing his Sony PSP. Wished I had my camera to catch him playing his toy. So now I know that my tax money is spent on paying a cop to play his PSP while on duty. Better give that money to some poor deserving kid instead. Truly Malaysia Boleh.

Sharing said...

Minutes for the Meetings
To Walk the Talk of the CM for the Transparency. Please post ALL the minutes of the Meeting here or somewhere!!

Since it is a RESERVED LAND, resulted from the Subang Jaya Development, Both the STATE and MPSJ DO NOT HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE!!

Please provide a copy on what are the Terms & Conditions of the Subang Jaya Development.

June 2009 Meeting
Should any change be possible, which is denied in this case, TCPA proceedings for an Objection Hearing is mandatory.

The June 2009 did not CONFORM to such proceeding!!

State & Local Plan
Isn't the Green Colour Zone Code on Plans be RESERVED LAND Land under the NLC?

They are for recreational, Public Amenities, Highway Border, etc..

How many of these Green Zone had been manipulated by the previous Government?

rocky said...

where are the events that happened where it became private park and 19 acre development which showed up in the gazetted local plan?

hurricanemax said...

Anonymous idiots!
THIS is about subang ria park...not anything else!
Which oart of the alphabet S.U.B.A.N.G. R.I.A. P.A.R.K. u dont understand?

whatever, what is the State's stand on this? F*** the political niceties.
Tell it as it is! Or pay the consequences as during the dialogue with MB...a resident said " I will give my vote to the goment who will give back my park!" I SOKONG that 2!

Meng Yee said...

Many Aonymous comments here...

In many developed countries there is different branches of government which ensures checks and balances. We are probably not used to this in this country becuase many decades of abuse of power. For example the former ADUN sat on the MPSJ council. He had much influence and lattitude in the running of the area.

While it looks messy and inconvenient for many of us, this division of power is necessary to ensure that there is no abuse. Whatever it is I am confident that our ADUN, elected by the people will fight for the cause which is best for the majority of SubangJayans!
Continue to hold the goverment accountable but realise that there are limitations to different powewrs because of seperation of powers.

Sharing said...

Meng Yee,

I believe any Anonymous is more than welcome to any BLOG if they come with FACTS and Sincere Opinions. Isn't it?

Are you referring to LHB in your last posting?

1. Has he been FRANK with FACTS and follow Rules & Regulations to do his "much influence and lattitude" in his previous running?

2. Are you aware that he was the Councilor in MPPJ before the "birth" of MPSJ? And, therefore, he knows most, if not all, the loopholes of Subang Jaya and so should have been corrected or enforced when he was ADUN in MPSJ.

3. Part of the Town Park had been handled over to MPPJ during his time, so, he should know it is A TOWN PARK, a Common Public Area in a Reserved Land where NOT even the State have the Jurisdiction (to alienate, sell or change).
4. Didn't he know that it was a Water Retention Pond that require 5% WATER SURFACE?
5. Didn't he know another 10% space in Subang is also reserved land for specific Public Amenities?
6. What had he done in his over 20years of "Engagement" in this area, with more than 10 years of being an ADUN?
7. Had he ever open the facts and therefore, had handled all these areas according to proper procedures, such as those under TCPA and proper authorisation?
8. Did he ever explain what are those GREEN ZONE in the State or Local Plans?
8. Didn't he know Holiday Villa Club is the Club House for Wangsa Baiduri Condo? Didn't he confess that he has was "forced" to do it "almost at a gun point" to turn it into an Hotel so the Condo had lost the Common Faciltieis?
9. Did he ever stop the manipulation of procedures, misappropriation of the Project and mismanagement of the property management in Wangsa Baiduri?
10. Didn't he know there should be an MC after the completion of the Town Houses so as to form the MC to take over the Club, and Management, etc..? Therefore, the suit of Emko on Wangsa Baiduri House buyer for Management Charge is unfounded?
11. Didn't he knows Resident Association do not have full legal representation on land or housing matters? And, surely not JKP applointed by MPSJ who can represent the Residnets/owners?
12. The only time LOOK LIKE a TCPA proceeding is his 2007 July "Objection" Hearing. However, it is simply BASELESS, as it was on a TOWN PARK & Water Retention Pond which cannot be subjected to any Change even at State Level. How much TRUTH had he revealed in that "SHOW"??
13. He knows Public Park is a must for an community, therefore, he had named the Landscapped Garden in Wangsa Baiduri as Public Park!!However. that part of land was in a Plot-Ratio Calculation to "boost" up the built-up area for Subang Boulevard, changing an half-way finished but almost abandoned 17-storey buildings into 30's!!
14. Didn't he know for each and every sub-approval of Wangsa Baiduri, 10& of recreation land was pending for a solution since 1990, even when the last in 2007/2008 during his period? When all land had gone for EXCESSIVE buildings? Even after he and MPSJ had been kept repeatedly reminded!!

Sharing said...

comes along with the obligations under the Laws. If they are observed and enforced with Justice or Fairness in mind, it will never be lost. Especially, when they are Branched out to End up in the SAME direction of the Target!!

The captioned Subject or Roots for the Division of Jobs and POWER is the Development Approval of Subang Jaya Township in 1974!! Unless, what had been specified are "surfaced", What should be divided for the Power (and so to be observed) will never be CLEAR. The "MESS" is because the "Authorities" concerned had been trying to keep all facts in the dark!!

Therefore, we should be pleased to be advised that the State Government has disclassified the files. And, we shall HOPE and PRESS for a Complete Openness!

Such CLOSING on informations where public transactions and Rights are based on, are not LOGICALLY and simply BULLY!! Should OSA be imposed on Land matters with Public Rights involved? Or, had they been actually been imposed? Or, AN EXCUSE TO BE MESSY??

Hope our ADUN will do their best in opening ALL information which are with Public Interest and Public Rights!!

Anonymous said...

Dap needs to highlight why the land was'sold" to Sime cheaply by Amno MB? Ask Mcca to investigate if there is any hanky panky.

Anonymous said...

Last update by YB is Nov 2010. Today is Mar 2012. What happen YB? PR government also cannot solve this problem! Do we need to turn back to BN government?
Sime Darby is majority owned by Federal Government. So, Federal Government is very greedy and took away the rights of the rakyat in Subang Jaya. Cannot believe this is happening. But in our boleh land, anything can happen.