Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

As a Christian, I find the statement by JAIS reported in The Malaysian Insider  misleading.

It was reported : 

Jais pointed out that there were 257,411 births out of wedlock between 2000 and 2008, and blamed Valentine’s Day celebrations as one of the causes.

“Therefore every Muslim, especially teenagers, must abandon the tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day, which was meant to corrupt the Muslim community,” it said.

“Remember that the Jews and Christians would continue to deceive Muslims. They will do everything undermine the Muslims’ belief and personality,” said the sermon.

I believe in proper and inspired education to tackle social ills and I respect the need for JAIS and for any other religious authority (as they deem fit) to instruct, teach and guide members of their faith. However, information if not given accurately is misinformation, and such misinformation coupled with ignorance will further divide Malaysians of different races and religions. 

The two greatest commandments which all Christians are exhorted to live by are, firstly to love God with all our heart, soul and mind and secondly, to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. I encourage JAIS to consider engaging in honest dialogue with representatives of the Christian body in Malaysia as well as those of other faiths in order to collectively learn the differences of man-made traditions and Godly truths so as to avoid a recurrence of such attempt of gross misinformation.


James Lim said...

Blaming Valentine's Day on the increasing social ills is one thing, but blaming a religion for encouraging the social ills has gone way too far. These so-called religious bodies have not even taken any initiatives to understand the respective different religions in Malaysia before commenting, which is sad, to say the least, what more after more than 50 years of independence. Illicit sex happened every day, not just on Valentine's Day. Same goes for suicides and baby dumping. It is the responsibility of the parents and the society as a whole to minimized and reduced social ills. When we had failed, we don't go around blaming religion for our failure to curb social ills, do we?

Anonymous said...

“Remember that the Jews and Christians would continue to deceive Muslims. They will do everything undermine the Muslims’ belief and personality,” - It's not misleading, it's pretty much what they think about other religions - out to ruin the Muslims community.

rakyat said...


We thank God, we have you (&CFM & LKS ) to write the truth about V Day. In fact, a very constructive and clear statement from your goodself, a clear mark of excellent leadership.
On behalf of the rakyat , we wish you ( & yr family) a very Happy Valentine Day. we all know...a gentle reminder, we love first our God who first love us, then our family, and thirdly in your case, YB, the rakyat you represent. May our God's love always sustain you.
You don't have to be perfect, you just have to do what you could for us as rakyat. Amen.

peter leow said...

Please pray for the Love of Lord Jesus Christ will be with all needy people and suffering sinners, for those whom were still blinded by their foolishness, may God's wisdom and Grace be with them always.In the name of Lord Jesus Christ, I pray, Amen!

Anonymous said...


People who say things like that still live in caves and has the brain size of a peanut.

JLWH / Sbg Jaya

Rob said...

YB, I think you should be mature enough not to bring up any small minor gritty issue like Valentine Day into debate. Whatever JAIS said let it be & I don't understand why an ADUN like you want to sensationalise this silly issue, Valentines Day. Do you know your action will spark off a heated debate with JAIS? Do you know it's such a waste of time to debate this silly issue with JAIS? Do you know as an ADUN, you should be concern with other bigger issues like crime rate etc & not this silly Valentines Day issue? Do you know your comment will trigger racial tension?
YB Hannah, GROW UP! Fyi I am a Christian too & the Bible says love our enemies.
I had been living in UK for the past 10 years, Valentines Day is nothing special in Europe & most of the western people don't bother about it. I don't understand why Malaysians (also S'poreans) treat this V day so special.

I know my comment above is subject to your approval before it's being published for other viewers to read. If you disapprove & cancel off my comments so that other viewers wouldn't read it, it shows that how immature you're & your credibility as an ADUN is a Big question mark.

xenobiologista said...

More to the point... (as a Christian I also find the assumptions that Valentine's is a religious holiday, and that Christianity is associated with vice) but the biggest problem with JAIS' statement is that it is based on nothing but HOT AIR. Can they show, e.g. a yearly spike in diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases 2 months after Valentine's Day, or a spike in out-of-wedlock births on September 14? If not, it's total rubbish.

Malaysians still don't understand the concept of objective evidence, we just anyhow argue...

Kan Chan said...

You were indeed very kind in your words.

“Remember that the Jews and Christians would continue to deceive Muslims. They will do everything undermine the Muslims’ belief and personality,”

I consider the above as a LIE. Not mis-information but FALSE information.

According to Christianity, telling lies or bearing false witness is a SIN.

Not sure if it is a SIN according to Islam. But according to these Muslims, it is certainly not.

jasmineyow said...

Dear YB Hannah Yeoh,

a very important statement coming from a person in your position.

May God's favour be with you.

Concise n Constructive said...

Hi Rob

YB did not put up the matter into debate. As a wakil rakyat and a Christian, she has calmly and clearly issue the timely statement.

For you being 10 yr in UK, as you said ..YB is entitle to her share of voice just as the UK residents do. What more, in her position as a wakil rakyat.
I find her statement concise. In fact, it is constructive coz she invited the "terpesong" to refer to the correct source to seek the truth.
It takes COURAGE to speak the truth on such hot topic. She spoke coz she choose to share her love. And, she spoke well.

ghkok said...

I totally disagree with Rob. JAIS is a govt dept of the State of Sgor. It's operation is probably funded by the State. In my opinion, and probably in the opinion of many people in Sgor, the JAIS statement on Valentine's Day is provocative, irrational, inflammatory, divisive and unacceptable. This is not a "small matter". As an ADUN, YB Hannah Yeoh is DUTY-bound to give expression to the voice of the people she represents, WITHOUT causing unnecessary tension. I think she has struck the right balance. What needs to be said MUST be said. The people must also be mindful of JAIS' other probable agenda in view of the oppressive regime that we are living under.

Anonymous said...

personal Rob your comment more accusation than constructive comments.

Anonymous said...

YB is jus an 'ikan bilis', u shud target d sharks instead. pls spend ur time more reading Utusan & watching tv3 news. i really wanted to read wat's ur comen on tem.

Anonymous said...


First and foremost, you have no idea what YB Hannah has been doing for the community and to come in with accusations like that is very immature of you. You said that you are a Christian and yet you are so quick to judge others.

In her position as ADUN, her voice is heard more clearly and she has to stand up for her beliefs. Clearly there is misconception and Christianity is being portrayed in the wrong light. Valentines has nothing to do with Christianity or Jews. We don't even celebrate it in churches.

Anyhow, instead of criticizing and judging, perhaps you should spend more time helping out and giving solutions. Yes, unfortunately you are the one who needs to GROW UP.

Rob said...

Concise & Constructive,
I agree that in a democratic nation, everyone has a freedom of speech. As an ADUN, she has a bigger role to play & sgould focus on more vital issues that have been plaguing this nation, ie rampant corruptions, ISA, injustice & crappy judiaciary system of Msia ( since she claimed that she's a lawyer, she should be in a better position to voice this issue), high crime rate, poverty, discrimination, inequality in allocation of govt funds etc etc.
However to my dissapointment, her 'COURAGE' led her to speak on the childish isuue like Valentines Day. What V Day has to do with the well being of rakyat Msia? I will be glad if someone can prove me wrong that 'V day' is indeed can contribute to the well being of Msian people.

Dear ghkok,
Yes, I agree that JAIS is a govt dept of Sgor & is fully funded by state govt. I also agree that what need to be said MUST be said. So, do you know that Sgor is under Pakatan & not BN? Do you know that whatever JAIS said is also an indirect reflection of the Pakatan led state govt?
If YB really has the courage & outspoken, she should raise up this 'V Day' issue openly in Dewan Undangan Negeri meeting & NOT in her blog.

Being a wakil rakyat is NO 'ikan bilis'. Once they're elected, they have to shoulder huge responsibilities. I know 'Utusan' & TV3 are some of govt mechanism that act as a propaganda vehicle. It annoys me everytime I listen to TV3 news & they're just like a robot controlled by govt. NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH at all.....for YB Hannah, her so called 'freedom of speech' is on 'V day'. V day! who cares about V Day!

Again I need to stress whether my comments will be posted or not depends on the blog owner approval. YB Hannah, if you really stand firm with your comments, let my comments be posted so that other viewers can read.

I am also not sure whether there're any viewers who share the same opinion as me in which their comments are not being posted by blog owner. As I said it's upon the discretion of YB Hannah whether she wants to post it or not.

Kan Chan said...


"What V Day has to do with the well being of rakyat Msia? I will be glad if someone can prove me wrong that 'V day' is indeed can contribute to the well being of Msian people."

I am a Christian and Valentine's Day is meaningless to me apart from being a commercial event.

But when some religious authorities accuses me (a Christian) as one who encourages immorality in V-Day, it is obviously a big concern.

Or do you mean to say that I am not Malaysian enough to be a Rakyat Malaysia? Or are you saying that Christians are not worthy of being Malaysian. Or do you mean to say ACCUSING someone of being propagator of immorality is a "childish" issue?

Mike said...

Let us be fair to JAIS here. They are carrying out their duties as Islamic religious authorities pretty well.

I encourage every God-fearing Christian (and everyone interested) to obtain a copy of the Quran. Among the more reliable translated versions to be found, Yusuf Ali's and Rashad Khalifa's make good sources of comparison with each other. Only by reading the Quran in chronological order will we begin to understand the exhortations of the Muslims.

In relation to the specific claim made by JAIS, look no further than Surah 5:51 as its basis. Hannah Yeoh did well to bring up this issue. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Adun YB Hannah is renting a hse in subang.
Adun Mahmud Taib CM S'wak owning billions of bznes & properties worldwide.
Adun Khir Toyol owning multi millions Baliness 'palace'.
r u korek, All Adun abv shoulder huge resposibilities BUT
which Adun abv is a ikan bilis & which r Sharks?
waste ur time on Sharks & not ikan bilis.

Rob said...

Kar Chan,
I agree with your view that V day is meaningless. Then you should also query YB why she put up a meaningless issue on her blog.

I advise you to read through my comment over again. Did I ever said that you're not Msian enough to be rakyat Msia or did I ever said that Christians are not worthy of being Msian? No, I didn't say such thing. I have made my points loud & clear. Please go & read my comments over & over again until you're fully understood.

Mike, I will try to obtain a copy of the Quran & see what is it all about. I have been told that the Quran is very similar to the old testament of the bible & not the new testament. Not so sure abt it until I get hold a copy of it.

Anonymous, the whole world know that all the govt big guns are super rich not only Khir or Mahmud Taib, in fact all of them. Why? because of RAMPANT CORRUPTIONS. They robbed our pocket like nobody business. These are the big issues that we need to address & NOT childish issue like V Day! Please read through my comments again if you still could not understand my points.

ghkok said...


My objections to JAIS is not about Valentines Day. My objections are about JAIS accusations that "Jews and Christians would continue to deceive Muslims ...". I'm not a Christian and so I have no religious interest in that statement however I find that statement incendiary, irrational and provocative. It also appears (in my opinion) to be a deliberate and planned attempt at provoking racial and religious tension. In any case,that statement DOES NOT reflect the view of the majority of peace-loving Msian Muslims. It is important not to bite the bait and issue an angry response however, it is NECESSARY for political leaders to issue a measured and level-headed response .. which I think the ADUN have done admirably. Perhaps YOU ought to be aware that JAIS, like many other state govt depts, owe part of their allegiance to the Fed Govt by virtue of them being assigned by the Fed Public Service Commission. Yes I agree with you that the ADUN should also bring this up in the state assembly however, if the assembly is not in session, there's no way to bring it up except through blogs. Don't even think of newspapers or TV - they'll distort everything you say.

Kan Chan said...


V-Day is Meaningless to me.

But Hannah is not putting up a meaningless issue on her blog.

Don't ask people to read your posing over and over again when you are the one that failed to see the issue at hand.

Hannah was not talking about V-Day. She was talking about JAIS falsely accusing Christians as morally corrupting the Muslims on V-day.

JAIS false accusation of Christians is definitely an issue that Rakyat Malaysia is concern with. Well maybe not all Rakyat Malaysia, since you are not concern that your fellow Malaysian is being accuse falsely. Wait a minute... maybe I should not take for granted that you are a citizen of Malaysia.

V Day is a childish issue.

Accusing Christians corrupting Muslims in V Day is a BIG issue.

Rob said...

Kan Chan,
Sad to say that you're blinded of the real issues faced by rakyat M'sia. Either you're too ignorant or you refuse to acknowledge the reality.

Let me summarise my point for your easy understanding:-
1) Minor issue - V day
Both of us agree that it's meaningless.

2) Issue with JAIS.
I did mention in my first comment that whatever JAIS said, let it be. I don't understand why some of you all want to put yourself in the same ball game with JAIS. A wise person would not put himself/herself in the same game with a religious authority. Remember that when Jesus walked on Earth, He hated religion.
Since you claim that you're a Christian too, you should be familiar with this bible verse Leviticus 19:18. It says' Never seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone, but love your neighbour as yourself. I am the Lord'. You should also read the book of Matthew. In Matthew, Jesus eat & dine together with sinners & tax collectors. Jesus didn't condemn them but He said "it's the sick who needs doctor not the righteous".

Corruptions, ISA, inequality, abuse of power for personal gain, injustice etc etc. Unfortunately none of you all agree with me on the Big & Serious issues instead you put your emphasis on silly issues like V Day & JAIS.

All my fellow countrymen, it's time to wake up & open up our eyes to see the seriousness of the issues that have been plaguing our nation.

ghkok said...


"BIG & SERIOUS ISSUES" - YES, agree with you totally. Statements that incite racial & religious hatred - ALSO a BIG ISSUE. A very big issue especially in Msia. AND, statements that are (possibly) planned to incite (perhaps under some direction or authority) - EVEN bigger issue. In my opinion, everyone should express their disgust at those type of statements .. direct it specifically at those who voice those statements and not generalise.