Thursday, August 25, 2011

Article in komunitikini on SJCC

Sime Darby’s Subang Jaya City Centre project gets council waiver

The MPSJ monthly full board meeting was embroiled in a verbal tussle today when councillors deliberated an approval granted to the Subang Jaya City Centre project owner, Sime Darby.

Councillor Rajiv Rishyakaran noted that Subang Jaya assemblywoman Hannah Yeoh had yet to peruse the new traffic circulation plan proposed by Sime Darby when the council’s One Stop Center (OSC) committee had approved it.

Sime Darby presented the plan to Yeoh two weeks ago, seeking a waiver of a condition that requires it to build a flyover in its SS16 project site, and pledged to replace it with some other traffic measures.

Yeoh, in reply, asked for a copy of the proposal and promised to give her feedback in a week.

Hence, Rishyakaran (right) cried foul that OSC should not have waived the condition from Sime Darby without Yeoh’s consent.

“I hope we can withhold the decision until Yeoh studies the case,” he said.

Council president, Asmawi Kasbi, however defended the move, saying that the developer had already proved that building a flyover is technically impossible on the site.

“The flyover will cross paths with the LRT extension,” he said, adding that MPSJ will explore alternatives.

Rishyakaran then urged the council to take the issue seriously, as Ikram (Public Works Institute of Malaysia) has warned that traffic conditions in SS16 will deteriorate to F-class should there be unbridled development in the area.


Councillor Ismail Kamal Abdul Raman also asked the OSC to defer the approval, but Asmawi (right) finally passed it.

SJCC is a 13.75 acres integrated development with shophouses, apartments, LRT station and office blocks.

Sime Darby was initially asked to build a flyover between Persiaran Jengka and Persiaran Kemajuan and two roundabouts as the conditions imposed for the project’s approval.

Talking to Komunitikini later, Rishyakaran said there was no reason for the council to have rushed in waiving the condition.

“If you exclude the condition now, you can’t add on another later,” he said.

“Now it’s too late; we got nothing to bargain with Sime Darby already,” he added.

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blueblink said...

Hi Hannah, its good there's a lot of development planned for SS16. However, lets not forget about the "green lungs" needed by people working in the urban commercial areas.

There will be a lot of residences in SS16, and there's a strong need to have a park to encourage good work life balance. Malaysians are spending too much time in shopping malls, instead of spending family time having a picnic in the park.

I would like to propose that the piece of MPSJ land next to Saujana Residency be turned into a park. It will be a great attraction for Subang Jaya other than just the shopping malls. In UK and Amsterdam, people can spend time in the park while waiting for their commute. Please don't forget about this important aspect before we venture in the huge SJCC development plan. Even KLCC have its own park...

You are the voice of Subang Jaya, we need your help Hannah!