Monday, November 14, 2011

Hailstorm in USJ

Article from SJ Echo - "Mini Tornado" Hits Puchong and Parts of USJ

Residents and Authorities Cleaning Up in the Aftermath

TNB personnel working into the night to restore power to homes left in the dark for hours after the storm.

PUCHONG and USJ residents were caught off guard with the sudden heavy storm that swept through their neighbourhoods leaving behind a trail of destruction.

Several parts of USJ especially in USJ13 experienced a hailstorm just before thunder, lightning, strong winds and heavy rain poured down mercilessly in the housing estates.

Photo of the small pieces of ice which fell from the sky, courtesy of Mr Ang of USJ13 RT

The "mini tornado" as described by sources close to the Meteorological Services Department, left a trail of destruction - fallen trees and even disruption in power supply to several areas.

MPSJ, Bomba and even TNB personnel were kept busy the whole afternoon right into the night, trying to clear roads of debris and reconnecting power to homes which had been left in the dark since 4pm.

ADUN Subang Jaya Hannah Yeoh who went around the neighbourhoods of USJ9, USJ13 and USJ14 to see the extend of the damage said she hoped residents would be patient as the authorities raced against time to carry out their work.

Hannah calling TNB while she is with residents of USJ13

Earlier reports from residents described chaos as tree branches and uprooted trees blocked off roads in neighbourhoods and also Persiaran Murni.

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Serena Yeoh said...

Hi Hannah,

I can't help but noticed that the main roads (and slip roads) around USJ and Subang Jaya are really in poor condition. They have not been resurfaced for quite sometime. I was wondering if there are any plans for resurfacing works to be done.

When you are free, just drive around USJ and SJ. Also do checkout the roads along the houses in SS19/6 and you will understand what I mean. :)

Thanks :)