Saturday, January 28, 2012

More on illegal dumping

Article in SJ Echo - RM1K fine for illegal dumping

Eyesore...Hannah with MPSJ councilors and urban services department staff looking at one of the dumping spots in USJ2

SUBANG JAYA: RESIDENTS who are in the habit of dumping their rubbish indiscriminately along the roads will find themselves RM1,000 poorer if they are caught in the act.

ADUN Subang Jaya Hannah Yeoh said those caught in the act would have to face the music since all efforts by the Subang Jaya Municipal Council to deter such irresponsible behaviour had failed to stem the worsening problem of indiscriminate dumping.

"I urge residents to be more civic conscious and to dispose of their rubbish properly. Don't just throw it anywhere you like."

"If you see your neighbour dumping their rubbish improperly, advise them. If they still do it, call MPSJ for them to take action," she said during a press conference held in USJ2 to highlight the worsening problem.

Residents who have bulky waste to dispose of or for those who wish to lodge complaints can call the council's urban services department hotline at 03-8026 7431 (during office hours) or call MPSJ's main hotline at 03-5637 6545 (24 hours).


Joshua Lopez said...

This is very common among housing estates everywhere. It's not an isolated problem. It's A Mindset Issue.

Anonymous said...

YB,it would be good if MPSJ could effectively implement a programme to collect these household waste on a periodic basis - eg on the 1st week of every 3 months. Start small within a confined area such as USJ 11 (MPSJ's backyard for easy monitoring) - where every household can place their rubbish at their front verge for collection by MPSJ. Do this on a routine basis and with effective public awareness, such an eyesore and irresponsible act will slowly disappear.
The local councils do this in Perth so why can't MPSJ emmulate? Subang Jaya isn't the only area affected by such irresponsible act. It's everywhere - Sri Kembangan, Cheras and even parts of KL.

Anonymous said...

Its true foreign maids and many uncaring residents are frequent CULPRITS in dumping big items at roadside, or anywhere there's already a heap of rubbish. Employers have nearly no idea or taken any note what their maids are doing. I know of a few cases along my row. Should I report them?
Anyway, there's hardly any public bins around, and propose to MPSJ to provide a few in every USJ section for people to throw big items.
My 2 sen.

Au and Target said...

Since you got rid of the old rubbish collecting company, we have had terrible trouble getting our rubbish collected.

The new people open our rubbish bags and leave stuff smeared over the street, and they refuse to pick up the trimmings from the tree in the street. These trimmings are now rotting. Two of our neighbours have trimmed their trees and their cuttings are rotting in the street too.

Also, the stack of newspapers we left (corded properly) inside our weather proof waste area for the recycling man to collect was taken out, opened up and dumped out in the open. Of course it rained and the newspapers were ruined.

I spend more time cleaning up after this crowd than they spend collecting our rubbish.

I will call the council's urban services department but I don't see why you are messing up a system that used to work very well.

We live in Wangsa Baiduri.