Monday, February 27, 2012

Free spectacles for 100 students

With recipients of the free spectacles together with their parents

SUBANG JAYA, 25 FEB : Seramai 100 kanak-kanak berusia 7 hingga 12 tahun daripada empat buah sekolah gembira apabila menerima bantuan cermin mata hasil tajaan Kerajaan Negeri dengan kerjasama Hospital Mata Tun Hussein Onn.

Adun Subang Jaya, Hannah Yeoh yang turut hadir dalam upacara penyerahan itu berharap dengan adanya pemberian cermin mata ini dapat sedikit sebanyak membantu meringankan beban ibubapa pelajar.

"Kerana sekarang bukan murah perbelanjaan sebulan bagi menghantar anak-anak ke kelas tuisyen, pengangkutan ke sekolah, duit susu dan sebagainya.

"Jadi kita berharap cermin mata ini akan dihargai oleh para pelajar," ujar Hannah yang turut memberitahu kerajaan negeri memperuntukkan RM 10,000 bagi kos bantuan cermin mata ini.

Selain itu, Hannah juga mengumumkan pelbagai lagi program kebajikan yang disediakan Kerajaan Pakatan untuk dinikmati pelbagai lapisan masyarakat termasuk golongan pelajar.

"Contohnya pemberian beg sekolah oleh Kerajaan Negeri Selangor yang diberikan setiap tahun kepada golongan pelajar kurang berkemampuan.

"Kita juga memperuntukkan lebih kurang RM 10,000 hingga RM 20,000 untuk bantuan uniform, kasut sekolah serta peralatan alat tulis lain yang disampaikan melalui Subang Jaya Buddhist Association, masjid dan surau," beritahu Hannah dalam ucapannya di hadapan ibu bapa pelajar yang hadir pada majlis penyerahan tersebut di Dewan Kenangan, Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya hari ini.

Sementara itu, ibu kepada pelajar Darjah Dua yang menerima sumbangan cermin mata, Kang Cheng Lai gembira dan berbesar hati dengan sikap mesra rakyat yang ditunjukkan Hannah Yeoh.

"Saya harap kerajaan yang ada ini akan kekal dan seterusnya dapat meneruskan usaha membantu rakyat Selangor," ucap ibu tersebut sambil menambah pelbagai perubahan dapat dilihat sejak Pakatan Rakyat mengambil alih pemerintahan negeri.

Untuk kawasan Dun Subang Jaya, sekolah-sekolah yang terlibat untuk menerima bantuan cermin mata ini adalah Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (C) Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (T) Tun Sambathan, Sekolah Kebangsaan Datuk Onn Jaafar serta Sekolah Agama Masjid Darul Ehsan.

Sumbangan pemberian cermin mata ini diberikan kepada keluarga yang berpendapatan RM1,500 sebulan dan ke bawah. Satu program pemeriksaan mata juga telah diadakan sebelum ini bagi para pelajar yang layak.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Upgraded park at USJ 2

With the residents of USJ 2

Article in NST - Residents welcome upgraded park

SUBANG JAYA: The request of visitors for the park in USJ 2/2R to be lit and furnished with benches has been fulfilled.

Residents get together at the park. Pic by Rosela Ismail

The park now has a unit of floodlights at the badminton court and two sets of benches and tables, thanks to Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh and Zone 3 councillor Rajiv Rishyakaran.

Yeoh said the requests were made during a dialogue held in September.

The fund for upgrading the park which amounted to RM14,000 came from Zone 3 Residents Committee as well as Yeoh's allocation from the state government.

Yeoh said the floodlights, which will be switched on from 7pm to 7am daily, was installed by contractor Timur Elektrikal. It  will be maintained by Subang Jaya Municipal Council.

"The residents here have asked for another set of floodlights to be installed at the other end of the park. I'll request for that in next year's budget.

"We will continue to improve the recreational facilities for park users, especially the senior citizens.

"I would also like the police to patrol the park," she said.

Yeoh also called on dog owners to ensure their dog are leashed and pick up after their dogs when visiting the park.

Lisa Lim, who has been living in USJ 2 for the past 21 years, said she would visit the park at night now as it is brightly lit.

Lim, who does tai chi exercises on weekdays with her neighbours, said they are exposed to danger and undesirable characters when they go to the park as early as 7am.

"It can be quite dark at that time. Now that there are floodlights here, my neighbours and I feel safe coming here early in the morning.

"More children can also come to the park and play," she said.

The former teacher said the  benches and tables would encourage residents to get together at the park.

Residents happy with the new floodlights, benches and tables they requested

Press Conference with Parents of SMK USJ 12

When parents of SMK USJ 12 first contacted me about the distribution of Maths and Science books in BM by the school (though the parents have opted for English for these two subjects), I immediately called the school to verify. The school confirmed two things:

(a) that they didn't have enough English books; and
(b) that the teaching of Maths and Science would be conducted in dual language "dwibahasa".

I informed the school about our proposed gathering with concerned parents. Just before the gathering took place, miraculously there were sufficient English books being distributed to the students. I personally think we need a new Education Minister who spends less time politicking and one who has the children's interest as a priority. 

You can read more about the gathering in the article below.

Concerned Parents of Selangor will be having a rally on 10 March 2012 to express support for PPSMI. For more details, click here.

Photo courtesy of pcyeoh (taken from his posting here)

Article in Selangor Times : Parents want PPSMI back
SUBANG JAYA: Parents who claim a school here is ignoring their children’s choice to continue learning Mathematics and Science in English held a protest last Saturday (Jan 7).

Some 100 outraged parents gathered outside SMK USJ 12 in Persiaran Setia at 10am for 45 minutes to express their unhappiness with the school.

Yeoh speaking while Shamsudin (in white) and Loh (front row, right) look  on.
Moves by the secondary school to distribute text books for the subjects in both English and Bahasa Malaysia (BM) to all students  at the start of the school term  sparked concern among the parents.

“Teaching in two languages will confuse my children. They’re already feeling demotivated with studying,” said 47-year-old homemaker Sue Pillai.

Pillai said her daughter (Form Four) and son (Form One) were among those who received text books in both languages from the school.

The Education Ministry announced last year that students who started learning the subjects in English will be allowed to do so until Form Five, but schools were also given the option to teach the subjects in both languages.

This has caused some parents to worry that the teachers could just ignore English. As such, some parents are asking for the reinstatement of the Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI) policy.

Pillia, who was with her husband M Ramachandran, said some parents are already considering transferring their children to international schools for their English syllabus.

“At least let them finish a whole cycle. If they started studying in English from Standard One, let them finish until Form Five,” said homemaker Malarkodi Krishnasamy, 50.

Echoing her sentiments was engineer Albert Lim, who has a Form Four son in SMK USJ 12 who also started studying Science and Math from Standard One in English.

He said it made no sense for his son to revert to studying the subjects in BM for Form Four and Five only to change back to English when he goes to college.

(From left) Malarkodi, her husband Annanda Perisamy, Lim, Ng.
Lim added that his children will be further confused when the scientific terms his children learnt in English are translated into Malay.

“The parents don’t object to BM but  the Education Ministry should not change the syllabus at will,” said 46-year-old manager Peter Ng, who has two sons in the school.

Also at the protest was Concerned Parents of Selangor (CPS) organising coordinator Shamsudin Hamid, who said the parents should have a say in their children’s education.

CPS recently collected 12,000 written letters within two weeks from parents across Selangor calling for the reinstatement of the PPSMI policy.

“We have sent the letters to the Prime Minister. This issue has become so serious that it should be taken out of the Education Ministry’s portfolio,” said Shamsudin.

Also present were Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo-Burne and Subang Jaya assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh, who criticised the school for reinstating the policy without sufficient planning and consultation with the parents.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Snatch thieves mistake baby for bag

3 days ago I held a press conference in my office for the victim of an attempted snatch theft. This incident happened at Persiaran Kewajipan. The press conference was intended to highlight the modus operandi of such cases and to warn the other road users to be wary of similar attacks. As a mother, I cringe just thinking of what the baby experienced and how traumatising it must have been for both mom and baby. I have already met the OCPD Tuan Yahaya Ramli in relation to this case and have requested for an increase of police presence on this road.
The victim's car

The weapon used

You may read more about it in the article in SJ Echo below or from the Malay Mail:

SUBANG JAYA: A 17-month old toddler nearly got whisked off from her baby seat in her mother's car by two men along Persiaran Kewajipan on Feb 10.

The two suspects who are still at large, had smashed the side window of the vehicle and reached out for the 'handbag' they thought was on the passenger seat only to realise it was a toddler.

Her mother Yap Yann Fang, 31 who was driving home to Damansara Idaman in Petaling Jaya from her babysitter's home in USJ1 at 9pm was left in shock with the incident.

'I had stopped at the traffic lights along Persiaran Kewajipan and in just a split second, my side window was smashed, scattering the glass all over me and my daughter Giselle.'

'The pillion reached out for Giselle only to realise it wasn't a handbag on my two-door vehicle passenger seat. They scooted off empty-handed,' she said during a press conference at ADUN Subang Jaya Hannah Yeoh's office.

Yap said she was relieved that her toddler was secured to her baby seat and this had deterred the suspect from yanking her out of her seat.

'Both Giselle and I could only cry after the incident. When I regained my composure, I called my brother who told me to head for the nearest petrol kiosk.'

'I had to use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the glass pieces form Giselle's hair and clothes. I am glad we were not injured in the incident,' she said, adding that the incident had however robbed her of the right to feel secure in her own car.

Hannah said Yap's ordeal was the second incident along Persiaran Kewajipan in recent weeks.
'I would like to request for more police presence along this road especially near the Summit junction to deter crime.'

'Assailants appear to be targeting women drivers,' she said.

Yap and eight of her friends who were dressed in their white t-shirts bearing the message 'Say No to Snatch Theft' later held up placards and a banner to emphasise their point.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Affordable healthcare has come to town!

Tired of waiting for the Barisan Nasional Federal Government to build us a government clinic in Subang Jaya? Don't worry - thanks to Klinik Waqaf An-Nur in USJ 9 now provides good affordable healthcare services for only RM5!

At the press conference together with representatives from Masjid Al-Falah and KPJ Healthcare

Presenting a cheque of RM17,000 [RM7,000 from my 2011 state allocation and another RM10,000 from my 2012 allocation] to help fund the running of Klinik Waqaf An-Nur.

I will continue to speak up for the people of DUN Subang Jaya and will continuously demand from the Health Ministry to give us our very own government clinic. Subang Jaya residents pay a lot of taxes to the Federal Government and it is time for them to fulfill their pledges. Back in 2007, it has already been announced that RM8 Million had been allocated under the Ninth Malaysia Plan for a government clinic in Subang Jaya. Click here to read the old article. MPSJ has since then allocated a plot of land in Jalan USJ 1/33 for the Health Ministry for this purpose.

You can read more about this community clinic from Selangor Timesthe Malay Mail and SJ Echo.

Community Clinic for DUN Subang Jaya

Article from SJ Echo

SUBANG JAYA: The days of hefty and expensive health care bills for the poor living in Subang Jaya are over.

A joint effort by the private health care sector and Masjid Al-Falah in USJ9 will be setting up a community clinic to see to the needs of the poor in this neighbourhood, ADUN Subang Jaya Hannah Yeoh said.

"A joint partnership between KPJ healthcare group and Masjid Al-Falah has been formed to establish a community clinic at their premises in USJ9."

"We do not have a government clinic in Subang Jaya at this point. We are still asking for this from the Health Ministry but since we do not have one, I am so glad that the private sector has come forward to help," she said.

Hannah said the clinic is now serving the community twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from a cabin put up at the mosque in USJ9.

"It is open for all races who are poor and cannot afford hefty bills in private healthcare. They charge only RM5 per consultation."

"Please make full use of this facility but don't abuse it. If you can afford to go to private clinics, please go to private clinics and let the deserving people benefit from this new facility we have for them," Hannah added.

A new building will be constructed to house this clinic at the mosque compound by June this year to properly serve even kidney failure patients with dialysis machines at their disposal.