Friday, February 17, 2012

Snatch thieves mistake baby for bag

3 days ago I held a press conference in my office for the victim of an attempted snatch theft. This incident happened at Persiaran Kewajipan. The press conference was intended to highlight the modus operandi of such cases and to warn the other road users to be wary of similar attacks. As a mother, I cringe just thinking of what the baby experienced and how traumatising it must have been for both mom and baby. I have already met the OCPD Tuan Yahaya Ramli in relation to this case and have requested for an increase of police presence on this road.
The victim's car

The weapon used

You may read more about it in the article in SJ Echo below or from the Malay Mail:

SUBANG JAYA: A 17-month old toddler nearly got whisked off from her baby seat in her mother's car by two men along Persiaran Kewajipan on Feb 10.

The two suspects who are still at large, had smashed the side window of the vehicle and reached out for the 'handbag' they thought was on the passenger seat only to realise it was a toddler.

Her mother Yap Yann Fang, 31 who was driving home to Damansara Idaman in Petaling Jaya from her babysitter's home in USJ1 at 9pm was left in shock with the incident.

'I had stopped at the traffic lights along Persiaran Kewajipan and in just a split second, my side window was smashed, scattering the glass all over me and my daughter Giselle.'

'The pillion reached out for Giselle only to realise it wasn't a handbag on my two-door vehicle passenger seat. They scooted off empty-handed,' she said during a press conference at ADUN Subang Jaya Hannah Yeoh's office.

Yap said she was relieved that her toddler was secured to her baby seat and this had deterred the suspect from yanking her out of her seat.

'Both Giselle and I could only cry after the incident. When I regained my composure, I called my brother who told me to head for the nearest petrol kiosk.'

'I had to use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the glass pieces form Giselle's hair and clothes. I am glad we were not injured in the incident,' she said, adding that the incident had however robbed her of the right to feel secure in her own car.

Hannah said Yap's ordeal was the second incident along Persiaran Kewajipan in recent weeks.
'I would like to request for more police presence along this road especially near the Summit junction to deter crime.'

'Assailants appear to be targeting women drivers,' she said.

Yap and eight of her friends who were dressed in their white t-shirts bearing the message 'Say No to Snatch Theft' later held up placards and a banner to emphasise their point.


CLY said...

Where do they get rid of their loot? There are so many illegal pawnshops around. How can these unlicensed pawnshops be allowed to operate openly. Despite a big enforcement unit in the Ministry of Local Government, the unlicensed pawnshop are allowed to operate and act as a fence for illegal loot. Maybe it is high time Bank Negara take over the licensing of pawnshops and enforce the law.

Anonymous said...

YB, With all the cctvs installed, I would have thought that these culprits would have been identified or caught by now. Such a shame when public funds are used to install these devices but coordinated effort to utilise techonology in fighting crime is not taken advantage of.

Anonymous said...

I received a sms from Digi reminding me to check my vote enrolment status. Looks like the 13th GE is close at hand.

Anonymous said...

Hi hannah, understand this could be not under your jurisdiction anyhow I just raise it to you. Traffic jam is always an issue in everywhere and not a easy solution. Since January 2012, every morning 7.00 am onwards, the traffic situation surrounding USJ the road persiaran peraduan near MPSJ, persiaran Murni and persiaran tujuan heading to subang jaya SS19 are badly jam. It easily take more than 30 minutes or so just to cross to SS19. From my observation, it cause by traffic light in SS19 near LICK HAN school. Either it increase the time or station a traffic policy to allow more cars coming from USJ to SS19.
Hopefully you can ask someone to look into it. Thank you and wish everything well to you and your family.. Have a nice day
Best Regards - Stephen Chow

Bernard Choo said...

That's the way to go, Yap and your eight friends and YB of course