Sunday, April 22, 2012

Article from Malaysiakini

Subang Jaya rep under probe for 'slander'
Subang Jaya assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh is being investigated by police over claims that she has "slandered" MCA.

NONEThe DAP politician gave her statement at the SS17 police station at 10.15am today.

"The police called me in for investigation over police report lodged against me by MCA. They said it is because I 'slandered' MCA. The police act so fast... BN can't be questioned now?" Yeoh (right) asked on microblogging site Twitter.

She said the claim was in relation to her blog post that questioned whether Deputy Home Minister Lee Chee Leong of MCA was giving out citizenship for votes.

In the post, she reproduced a flyer for an MCA roadshow in Subang Jaya on April 15.

"Applying for PR? Not citizen of Malaysia? Come and meet with Dato' Lee Chee Leong at SS19/1 on April 15!" the flyer says.


When contacted, Yeoh who was accompanied Puchong MP Gobind Deo Singh said police had interviewed her for about 45 minutes.

"They (police) were very professional, they wanted to know about the content of the blog entry and the flier, whether it was edited or not," she said.

However, the police did not specify under what section she was being investigated.

Yeoh stressed that as a state assemblyperson she reserved the right to raise questions about the matter.

"The deputy home minister had gone down with the ministry and MCA officials (to grant citizenship), this is an abuse of state machinery for party purposes," she said.

'Legitimate citizens'

Responding to this, Lee said he had in fact issued citizenship to two people on the date and that the individuals, both of whom were over 60 years of age, were born in Malaysia and lived here for many years.

"I can even give you the names and the IC numbers if you want. The press were there," he said.

NONELee (right) said that as deputy home minister, he has given out citizenship to many people and all were genuine cases.

"There are a lot of people out there without proper documentation. People can keep on accusing, but it will not stop me from helping people with these problems.

"Approvals are based on the federal constitution and nobody can get approval unless the criteria are followed," said Lee, adding that he was not the one who lodged the police report against Yeoh.

He said the criteria included place of birth, citizenship of parents and spouse as well as the length of time a person has been in Malaysia. Applicants are also put through a rigorous interview process.

"The accusation that we are simply giving out citizenship to get votes is nonsensical," Lee added.

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