Saturday, April 14, 2012

FOUND! Source of stench in Subang Jaya identified

Article by SJ Echo :

SUBANG JAYA, APRIL 13 2012: THE agony of breathing in a foul stench in the night and early morning for almost a week by Subang Jaya residents will soon be over.

The source of the 'ammonia-like' stench which lingered in the air especially during the nights and early morning around SS13, SS14, SS18, USJ2, USJ3 and even USJ4 since April 7 has been discovered by the Department of Environment Selangor.

"Our team was mobilised to Subang Jaya on April 10 after receiving complaints from the public and reports from the SS17 Fire & Rescue Department and ADUN Subang Jaya Hannah Yeoh of the mysterious stench that affected many areas in the neighbourhood."

"Investigations from our checks of all the factories in the SS13 industrial zone took us to the IWK oxidation pond in SS13," Selangor Department of Environment enforcement officer Zulaikha Mokhtar said to SJ Echo.

She said many of the aerators in the two oxidation ponds were not function.

"There are supposed to be 5 aerators in each pond running at all times. We found only one aerator functioning in one pond while the other only had 3 aerators running."

"We have requested a full report from IWK on this and have asked them to immediately get their aerators running," she said, adding that IWK had also been asked to service and maintain the facility regularly to avoid such an incident from recurring.

Zulaikha said due to the breakdown of the aerators, there was insufficient oxygen to treat the waste in the oxidation pond, resulting in the stench that left many residents with the agony of having to bear with the inconvenience.

At least one child with asthma problem had to be rushed to a clinic for medical attention on April 7 evening because he encountered breathing difficulties.

"IWK officials were supposed to revert to us by Thursday (April 12) but we have yet to hear from them. Our officiers will be folllowing up with them today (April 13)."

"Once we have concluded our investigations, we will decide on the next course of action to be taken against IWK if they are found to have been negligent," she said.

Zulaikha urged residents in the surrounding areas to stay indoors especially in the evenings for the next few days while repair work was carried out at the oxidation pond.

"It will take a few days for the repairs to be completed and the aerators running as they should. The pond should not be emitting any stench by then," she added.

On April 7 and 8, the SS17 Bomba and police received numerous calls complaining of the stench. Personnel from both agencies went around looking for the source of the problem, right into the wee hours of Sunday morning. They came back empty-handed but managed to narrow down the source of the stench to the SS13 industrial area.

A report was lodged with the Department of Environment.


Anonymous said...

I would like to make a comment with regards to a problem I'm facing in USJ6/6?. First of all contractors who do renovation works for homes have to abide to the Safety Comes First policy which they disregard outright. Take for instance my neighbour who is 2 houses away from me is renovating his home. The contractor on the other hand does not practice work code of ethics. By right they should cover both sides of their existing neighbours in order for debris & whatever renovation works they carry out does not hamper their neighbours. Second, they should refrain their workers from smoking. Its bad enough they pollute the place with cement dust, which effect other people's health and lives without them realising how much damage they are causing. We have little kids who have allergies pertaining to cement dust blowing into our home. What is MPSJ doing about it? NOTHING. They are too busy doing what they should not be doing. No we have the smoke emission from those Indonesian workers who smoke their Indon cigarettes that's causing everybody to suffocate in our home until we have no choice to keep the front always closed. Can somebody do something about this problem and make this a mandatory to comply with safety priority.

Anonymous said...

The other thing is with regards to the LRT that's being constructed pertaining with pollution as well.
(This is what I wrote in my pass blog) I live in USJ6 quite close to the place where they (Sunway) are stationed their main construction equipment.
I'm really livid mad with MPSJ enforcement, the useless department who does not give a rat a#s about their penduduk in USJ6.
On one early morning, as early as 3.00am, on Easter Sunday 08/03/2012, I was gasping for air, choking to death because of an awful burning smell emitting from Sunway’s construction site.
Earlier on Saturday, 07/04/2012 while I was watching TV, I got that same poisoning smell, something like electrical wires & rubber burning.
Now that’s not all, I wasn't the only one who had experienced this traumatic event but the daughter of my sister's friend of who also lives in USJ6, suffered the same faith. By the way her daughter is asthmatic. She could easily die in her sleep because of her respiratory system shut down due to the polluted air. I mean doesn’t this selfish, greedy humans have a heart? I guess not…its all about $$$$ & power.
My room is air-conditioned and still that burning smell managed to penetrate in my room waking me up 3.00am, wee hours of the morning.
This cruel individuals does not even care about public health whatsoever, the only thing that runs in their lifeline is how much money they can pocket from this project.
I was suffocating in my room, my head felt giddy, I felt like vomiting, really it made me sick like hell. Isn't this cancerous? Of cause it is who doesn’t know about it, this bloody poison emission is CANCEROUS…numb nuts. These morons don't care anything at all. I called MPSJ to make a report that Sunday, 3.00am, 08/04/2012 and guess what? This is the reply I got. "(Me) Hello Selamat pagi Encik, saya nak buat aduan berkaitan dengan pembinaan LRT dekat tempat saya di USJ6/^@. (MPSJ) Yeah ada apa Encik. Saya tak dapat tidur kerana mereka (Sunway Construction) mencemar udara sehingga saya hidu benda bau busuk macam getah dibakar.
So he (MPSJ) told me that they couldn’t do much bout anything as it was out of their hand. All they could do is record down my complaint and besides that, nothing more. They ask for my particulars and that was closed (NFA) No Further Action. So what is MPSJ's job description? Summons, car-parking offences, collecting quite rents, etc???
I guess Sunway is a big fish so they do not want to get their hands burnt, afraid being told off by their superiors. For them public safety is a thing of the past. What’s a couple of casualties to them, everyday people are dying? No point making a big fuss right?? Negligence and lack of intelligence, that’s what I call it.
Why does the public always have to voice out something before the authorities take action??? What is this country coming to? Nobody wants to take responsibility over his or her actions.
The word "Safety Comes First" might as well be flush down the toilet.
If MPSJ really took my report seriously, I wouldn't have got these recurring burning smell just yesterday 09/04/2012 at 6.45pm again. That goes to show MPSJ is not bothered about my report.