Thursday, May 3, 2012

Details of allocation spending for year 2011

In line with our commitment to transparency and accountability, we have once again published details of our allocation spending here.

Taxpayers money must always be accounted for. That is why we have published details of our spending every year on my blog. 

On 28 September 2011, the Selangor State Government has decided to increase our annual RM500,000 allocation to RM600,000. Due to the fact that we were approaching the last quarter of 2011 when this announcement was made, the Petaling Land Office has allowed us to carry forward the balance of money to year 2012. 


Anonymous said...

Well done again YB Hannah. Have transfer my voting base back to SJ and you have my 110% support.

Anonymous said...


Hv previously got the same from YB Lim Lip Eng, but he now does not get it fr DBKL, it is so frustrating, we are completely in the dark of what is planned for us, what are supposed to be done and least of all what would eventually be done. Transparency ? zero !!

Bukit Maluri Kepong

Anonymous said...


We hv previously got DBKL budget fr YB Lim (Segambut) it appears he now was denied of the document by DBKL.

We guys wont know what is planned for us, what are supposed to be done though we eventually what is done (shit0

Enough of dirty admin of present government, pray hard for a change