Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Media statement by DAPSY Chief and MP for Rasah on 28 November 2012 in Kuala Lumpur

DAPSY strongly disagrees with the stance of PAS Youth to seek the banning of Elton John’s concert in Malaysia.

DAPSY wish to state our strong disagreement with PAS Youth for their attempt to seek the authority to ban Elton John’s concert in Genting Highlands. While we respect their freedom of opinion, DAPSY feels that taking such a step will only give fodders to Barisan Nasional and the mainstream media to continue to paint a negative picture on PAS Youth as a backward and regressive youth movement. This will surely not help Pakatan Rakyat to convince Malaysians that we are a progressive and moderate coalition of parties that are ready to replace BN as the federal government.

PAS Youth’s reason that allowing Elton John to perform in Malaysia will lead to the rise of homosexuality and other social ills due to his sexual orientation is both simplistic and unacceptable. Those who are going to the concert are there to watch his talents and enjoy his music, not to support and be influenced by his sexual orientation. Banning a concert is not the solution to tackle our social ills. PAS Youth should focus more on education and awareness campaign instead of imposing their views and values on the young people.

Therefore, DAPSY calls on PAS Youth to cancel their plan to protest against the concert and change its approach in addressing social problems. DAPSY fully support the staging of the concert as planned and sees no reasons why the authority should withdraw the permit for the concert.

Remembering Beng Hock

My article in the Rocket :
As I sit here on my bed and write this article at 1:45am on my iPad, my 1 year old baby girl Shay Adora is asleep next to me. My husband and I were just in a discussion on how Shay enjoys sleeping in between the both of us. Her head has to be leaning on me while her legs must rest on her daddy. These are the simple joys of parenthood. As I continue to count my blessings, I cannot help but think of my peer, the late Teoh Beng Hock who died while he was still in MACC’s custody as a witness back in 2009.
Beng Hock, my husband Ram and I were all born in 1979. We joined politics because we believed (and we still do!) that we have a role to play in rebuilding this nation. Not many young people our age would have chosen this path. I became an elected representative. My husband is an active member of DAP in Subang Jaya. Beng Hock was serving alongside another colleague (also born in 1979) Ean Yong Hian Wah.
Many of my friends did not choose to be involved in politics though many are supporters of our cause. They have good jobs, own houses and cars, some married, some have kids and many enjoy a fairly decent life.
We have just recently observed Beng Hock’s death anniversary. It has been 3 years since his body was found at Plaza Masalam. While many are still demanding justice for Beng Hock and his family, the fact remains that no one has yet to be held accountable for his premature death. Premature because he was not able to enjoy what life had to offer at 33.
Beng Hock was denied the experiences of hosting his wedding. He was not able to experience life with his young bride. He came so close to walking into a marriage and a covenant with his girlfriend.
Most of all, Beng Hock was denied the joy of seeing his child throughout the pregnancy. He missed the multiple ultrasound scans at the doctor. He was denied the anxiety of preparing for fatherhood, shopping for baby’s clothes and other baby items. And of course during the big day, he was denied the experience of hearing the first cry and carrying his baby in his arms.
His son is now 2+ years old. As I recount the many months of joy watching Shay developed into the little girl she is now, I am also deeply saddened that Beng Hock was robbed of this enriching experience. The first turn, the first crawl, the first fall, the first few steps. Switching from milk to solids, the multiple vaccinations and the occasional fever that came with those jabs. The ‘on top of the world’ feeling when the child calls you Papa for the very first time. The welcoming home cuddle after a long day at work. Planning the first birthday bash. Buying toys, shopping for new shoes every few months and the joy of making your own parents proud by promoting them to grandparenthood.
I write this article to remind us all that Beng Hock was denied of all these wonderful experiences. Three years later, his family is still grieving for a painful loss they had no answers for. His little boy was cruelly robbed of a father. We must hold the government responsible for finding the cause and culprits involved in this premature death of a young man. Beng Hock is no more with us. His voice is heard no more but we Malaysians who love justice must continue to pursue it – for him, for his son and his family.
Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.
May we do just that. -The Rocket

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DAP Wanita Selangor

[Berdiri dari kiri] Dorothy Cheong Chye Wah, Chia Siu, Tiew Way Keng, Kwi Ai Mei, Law Suet Peng, Teo Nie Ching, Buvaneswary, Evelyn Gan, Lee Shim Moi; [Duduk dari kiri] Loh Jean Cheah, Prema Arasan, Lee Kee Hiong, Mary Josephine Prittam Singh (Speaker); Chong Eng (ketua DAP Wanita Kebangsaan), Hannah Yeoh, Kasthuriraani Patto, Chang She-Yun.

Laporan Konvensyen DAP Wanita Selangor bertempat di Ibu Pejabat Kebangsaan DAP, Kuala Lumpur pada 25 November 2012

Konvensyen DAP Wanita Selangor yang diadakan semalam, 25hb November 2012, merupakan sesuatu yang bersejarah dalam parti DAP oleh kerana Selangor adalah negeri kedua berjaya menubuhkan DAP Wanita Negeri selepas Pulau Pinang.

Penubuhan DAP Wanita Selangor adalah sangat bermakna oleh kerana kesukaran menarik perhatian dan minat kaum wanita untuk menceburi arena politik dan isu-isu masyarakat setakat ini. Secara umum, arena politik adalah didominasi oleh kaum lelaki disebabkan kaum wanita biasanya mempunyai tanggungjawab mengurus rumahtangga dan menjaga anak.

Kebetulan juga tarikh 25 November telah diiktirafkan sebagai hari antarabangsa Menghapuskan Keganasan Terhadap Wanita oleh Pertubuhan Bangsa-bangsa Bersatu. Hari tersebut dipilih untuk memperingati tiga wanita bersaudara Mirabal yang dibunuh di Republik Dominika atas perintah diktator Dominika, Rafael Trujillo pada tahun 1960. Ketiga-tiga wanita tersebut merupakan aktivis yang berjuang keras menentang rejim Trujillo.

Konvensyen bermula dengan ucapan aluan daripada pengerusi semasa DAP Wanita Selangor, YB Teresa Kok dan ucapan pembukaan diberi oleh pengerusi kebangsaan DAP Wanita, YB Chong Eng. Tiada pilihan raya jawatankuasa dijalankan kerana hanya 15 ahli dicalonkan, justeru 15 ahli tersebut telah bermesyuarat secara tertutup dan melantik ADUN Subang Jaya, YB Hannah Yeoh, untuk mengetuai DAP Wanita Selangor. (Sila lihat senarai di bawah untuk semua jawatan.)

Lima usul telah dibentangkan oleh bahagian wanita Serdang dan PJ Utara (sila lihat lampiran) dan dua orang auditor dalaman juga telah dilantik, iaitu Lee Jen Uyin (李燕韵 ) dan Sugidah a/p Letchumanan ( 舒吉达 ). Mesyuarat berakhir pada pukul 3:45 petang.

Jawatankuasa DAP Wanita Selangor

Pengerusi: Hannah Yeoh Tseow Suan ( 杨巧双 )
Timbalan Pengerusi: Lee Kee Hiong ( 李继香 )
Naib Pengerusi: Prema a/p Arasan ( 布丽玛 )
Naib Pengerusi: Kasthuriraani a/p Patto ( 卡诗杜丽 )
Setiausaha: Chang She-Yun ( 郑诗云 )
Penolong Setiausaha: Evelyn Gan Teng Ping ( 颜婷萍 )
Bendahari: Loh Jean Cheah ( 罗燕嘉 )
Penolong Bendahari: Dorothy Cheong Chye Wah ( 章彩花 )
Setiausaha Organisasi: Lee Shim Moi ( 李森梅 )
Setiausaha Publisiti: Kwi Ai Mei ( 郭爱眉 )
Pengarah Pendidikan Politik: Buvaneswary a/p Balasubramaniam ( 布瓦尼斯华丽 )
- Teo Nie Ching ( 张念群 )
- Tiew Way Keng ( 张菲倩 )
- Chia Siu ( 谢秀 )
- Law Suet Peng ( 刘玥伶 )

Friday, November 16, 2012

SJ Election Fundraising Dinner

On behalf of my team, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to our SUBANG JAYA ELECTION FUNDRAISING DINNER

Date  : 9 December 2012 (Sunday)
Time  : 7:00pm
Venue : Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya
Featuring : Lim Guan Eng, Gobind Singh, Nurul Izzah and Khalid Samad. Special appearance by Juwita Suwito and Patrick Teoh.

Tickets can be purchased from my office at 113A, Jalan SS14/1, Subang Jaya, Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm. You may contact Sharon Peter at 03-56312768 / 016 311 6543 / for more details. Cheques can be made payable to PUSAT KHIDMAT RAKYAT ADUN SUBANG JAYA [HSBC 352457493101].

The 13th General Election is a crucial one for our nation. There's much at stake and it is imperative for ordinary Malaysians to unite and secure a win for a clean government. Every ringgit counts and I look forward to you joining hands with us in this pursuit towards a new and better Malaysia! Thank you.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Deepavali!

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Deepavali! Safe journey for all those travelling!