Sunday, January 6, 2013

Temporary closure of KTM Subang Jaya station?

At the press conference with reps from Persatuan Teksi Subang Jaya

Article in Selangor Times - A rail woe for Subang residents

Published: Fri, 04 Jan 2013
SUABNG JAYA:  Thousands, including commuters and local business owners, will be left in the lurch if a plan to close the KTM Subang Jaya train station this month goes through.

The KTM Subang Jaya train station which will be closed this month.  
“This station sees about 10,000 users each day. Not only that, the shops and malls here will face negative economic effects,” said KTM Subang Jaya Taxi Drivers’ Society chairperson Che Ei Mohamad.

He  fears that his fellow-taxi drivers who ply the Sunway and Subang routes will also face a drop in income.
They estimate a drastic plunge of over 50% in their fare collection as they stand to lose passengers who use the station.

“We have passengers from Hulu Selangor coming here and heading to the Subang airport. They also travel here from Kampung Subang to go to Sunway Pyramid,” he said.

Che Ei expressed his concern during a press conference at the office of Subang Jaya assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh on Wednesday.

The society had initially met with Yeoh and a KTM representative on Dec 5 to call for better infrastructure like waiting lanes and rain shelter at the station.

“KTM said they won’t be able to comply with the taxi drivers’ demands as they are closing the station in January,” Yeoh said.

She was told that  as the station will be integrated with lines coming from the Light Rail Transit (LRT) extension project, it will be closed for construction.

She is unsure when the closure will take effect, how long it will be closed  and why the public are not informed.

“So far I’ve only been told of the closure over the phone. I have yet to receive any formal notice.”
Yeoh urged railway operator KTM Bhd to announce their plans and give the public enough time to adjust.

She said aside from her constituents, commuters from USJ16, Putra Heights and Kinrara, Puchong, would also be affected.

“We also want to know if KTMB has alternate plans to help the public  get to the next closest station from here,” she added.

The train stations next to the Subang Jaya KTM station, which is on the Sentul-Port Klang route, are the Setia Jaya and Batu Tiga stations.

The Setia Jaya station is about 2.5km away, next to PJS8, while the Batu Tiga station is about 3km away, next to Taman Batu Tiga.

When contacted, a KTMB corporate communication officer said it was the first time she had heard of the station closure.

“I will need to check with the officer in charge first,” she said.

However, Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd group managing director Datuk Shahril Mokhtar on Thursday  said the Subang KTM station will be closed within the next two months for  one year to facilitate the LRT extension project.

Prasarana plans to provide feeder bus services at the Batu Tiga and Setia Jaya KTM stations to ferry passengers to KTM Subang Jaya.


Anonymous said...


I believe you are truly a rep for the people. You really care for the people. But I want you to know that other DAP leaders and reps dont even come close to you in terms of integrity and commitment.

Nga & Ngeh are an absolute disgrace in Perak. I am from Ipoh and mark my words, DAP/PR wont win back Perak come GE13. Other than Nga & Ngeh, DAP leaders and members in ipoh are also acting like thugs no different than UMN0 ... please refer to the Taman Kaya incident in Ipoh. Its on youtube and covered in several blogs.

In Selangor, Ronnie Liu is behaving like some samseng. I hope he dont run away from Pandamaran come GE13 cos the people there cant wait to show him their 'love' on polling day.

How can DAP talk about BERSIH when its own party elections is not right?

I voted for DAP in the last GE but come GE13, I am going to vote BN as I believe its better to stay status quo.

A lot of your DAP leaders and members have become arrogant , thinking Putrajaya is their next destination. GE13 will be a wake up call.

Anonymous said...

How would I go to Inti College if I don't have a car ?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Please provide us some info on bus route which can replace the 1 year closure.Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Hannah. Please provide us some info for alternative public transport for the temporary closure. Thanks

Janice said...

Dear Hannah Yeoh,

Indeed, it is very inconvenient for the resident of Subang to travel somewhere else without KTM. The bus is definitely cannot satisfy the demand, especially during peak hour. Hope that there will be a better way to solve it.