Friday, January 18, 2013

Water disruption in SS12 - SS19


Residents in Subang Jaya have experienced water disruption beginning 12 January 2013 and this was the reason provided by Syabas:

“… disebabkan oleh penurunan paras kolam-kolam utama termasuk Kolam Bukit Dengkil dan Kolam Subang Airport yang membekalkan  air ke SS12 – SS19”.

In addition to the above, Syabas also commented that the low water level was due to the fact that it had not rained for 2 days. I find this reason simply absurd and not acceptable.

Residents have also complained that Syabas’ customer service PUSPEL was not contactable during this period of disruption. Many calls went unanswered and residents were not able to receive any information on the water disruption and restoration plan. Residents were left guessing (some for 30 hours continuously).

I have also requested for Syabas to send water tankers to the affected neighbourhoods. However, this was done on an ad-hoc basis and unless and until the complaint channel by PUSPEL is running effectively, Syabas has no mechanism to dispatch water tankers to ALL affected residents.

Previously, residents in SS14 were not able to celebrate Hari Raya due to the same water disruption and this time around, the Ponggal celebration was affected for some residents from SS12 – SS19. Chinese New Year is fast approaching and Syabas must prevent this from happening a third time.

Hannah Yeoh
ADUN Subang Jaya
17 January 2013

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