Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Let's vote for a better Malaysia!

I am always encouraged when I see young people rise to the challenge and take ownership of the future of Malaysia. Now is the time for change. Now is the time for your vote to count! Please visit abettermalaysia.org and promote their short videos and messages to all your friends.

Let's vote for a better Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hannah, are you the candidate for ADUN GE 13?

Anonymous said...


BN has released its Manifesto and wants the RAKYAT to believe that they can deliver on their promises… LOL !

In 56 years BN has been in government, why until today BN are not able to resolve the simplest task of all i.e. issuing taxi permits directly to taxi drivers without any conditions whatsoever.

Even Najib with his PEMANDU, NKRA, GTP, ETP and etc has not been able to resolve during his term in office.

Vote wisely………………

Anonymous said...

All the best, YB Hannah. We keep in prayer.