Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Donations received at our campaign events

As a transparent party, I hereby disclose the donations received from the public at the following events during the campaign period:

21 Apr 2013 : Ceramah at PJS7 Sunway with Hannah & Wong Chen = RM10,684.10

23 Apr 2013 : Dialogue with Wong Chen at USJ4 = RM3,298.65

24 Apr 2013 : Ceramah at SS15 with Hannah & Wong Chen = RM24,046.65

25 Apr 2013 : Dialogue with Wong Chen at SS14 = RM5,271

26 Apr 2013 : Debate at SS15 Community Hall with Wong Chen = RM2,628.90 

27 Apr 2013 : Ceramah at USJ12 with Hannah & Wong Chen = RM38,113

28 Apr 2013 : Dialogue with Wong Chen at USJ2 = RM1,814

29 Apr 2013 : Dialogue with Wong Chen at USJ11 = RM1,047

30 Apr 2013 : Dialogue with Wong Chen at USJ14 = RM1,215

1 May 2013 : Dialogue with Wong Chen at SS19/6K = RM782

2 May 2013 : Ceramah at USJ1 Regalia with Hannah & Wong Chen = RM24,805.40

I thank every kind donor for your support towards our campaign. We truly appreciate it.


Karmini said...

Thank you for your transparency. And Congrats on yr win. God is Great!

BeeRay said...

Thank you for campaigning for the rakyat so soon after the delivery of your newborn.
God bless.

SKK said...

I really appreciate your practice of transparency. I have been a hard-core supporter of DAP for the past 37 years, witnessing the high as well as low times. I sincerely hope each and every DAP YB's can declare their receipt of donations during PRU 13 campaign and shut the BN people up. Perhaps, you should conduct a course regarding transparency and accountability to all your fellow colleagues. Keep up your noble work, you earn plentiful respect from ordinary rakyat like me.

Lain kali lah UBAH, UBAH tetap UBAH !!!

Takashi said...

But who so funny put 65 sen?

Anonymous said...

Some people want to test and see whether their 0.05 is counted!

1Malaysia said...

You have set a good example to the rest. Continue your good work! God bless..

David Netto said...

Congratulations YB.
Continue your good work.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your win. I contributed rm 30 Usj 2 and I hope to see PR forms federal government & make our country great again