Sunday, May 19, 2013

Manufactured water crisis?

My press conference with Tony Pua this morning

My press statement:

I refer to the Bernama news report dated 18 May 2013 which reports the most recent statement by Syabas on the latest water supply disruption episode.

Syabas has initially said that the water disruption in Subang Jaya (since 14 May 2013) was caused by the hot weather in recent days. Subsequently, as reported in the Malay Mail, Syabas blamed the water disruption on "excessive usage of water" by the residents. And now, Syabas is saying the water treatment plants have reached maximum production levels.

I call upon Syabas to do the followings:-

(a) release all data to justify their reasons above. The data from Syabas must objectively indicate how long did it take for the water level in the reservoir to drop, what time-frame are we dealing with here, 5 minutes or 5 days? Based on the data, could early notice have been provided to affected residents? What amounts to excessive usage of water and how much increase in usage has there been from average consumption?

(b) improve the services of their call centre Puspel in dealing with the expected volume of calls during episodes of supply disruption. Calls from residents to Puspel have gone unanswered and my office have been inundated with residents' complaints on this matter.

(c) water tankers must be dispatched automatically to all affected areas according to Syabas' data without  having affected residents making redundant requests for water tankers. As a service and distribution company, Syabas' primary duty is to ensure uninterrupted supply of treated water to customers and in the event of a disruption of any kind, to provide immediate and effective remedial steps without the need for unnecessary customer intervention. It also goes without saying that water tankers must be dispatched during times when customers are able to access it and not during the wee hours of the morning when most are asleep.

All of the above have been raised before when a similar water disruption happened in Subang Jaya in 2011. Clearly there have been no improvements by Syabas since then and it exposes the incompetency of Syabas as the sole water distributor for Selangor. 

And now with Syabas seemingly speaking on behalf of water treatment companies (Puncak Niaga, Splash and ABBAS) in its latest statement, this begs the serious question of whether this is a manufactured water crisis to justify the award of the Langat 2 water treatment plant which is expected to be announced soon? Syabas needs to cease politicising water as it is a basic essential and tens of thousands of residents have been greatly affected. We the residents of Subang Jaya will hold Prime Minister Najib Razak responsible for holding the residents to ransom and using water as a political tool.

Hannah Yeoh
ADUN Subang Jaya


Anonymous said...

If Syabas continues with their lackadaisical approach to this water problem as faced by Subang Jaya residents, despite repeated complaints and demands for more responsible response, can they be sued for unsatisfactory service, inconvenience, stress, etc., etc.?

Anonymous said...

Dear Hon. Ms Hannah, we greatly admire your tenacity in dealing with this inhumane Water Distributor Company (aka Crony Water Company).

Rest assured, these corrupted officials and their partners-in-crime shall suffer the karma of dying and being buried without a Last Bath.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hannah, please tell them during your next meeting with Syabas that 50,000 residents have put 50,000 curses on their heads.

Even if they get the whatever contract that we are being held ransom to, they and 2 generations of their descendants shall not be able to have a good happy lives with all their ill-gotten gains.

Please God forgive us Subang Jaya residents for making those curses.

Anonymous said...

YB Hannah, is it possible to gather all the residents in Subang Jaya together and sue Syabas for this breach of duty to supply water to us?

I can easily muster 100 of my neighbors to pay RM2,000.00 each to initiate a Breach of Duty Class Action court case against Syabas !!

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hannah, Thank you so much for helping us pitiful Subang residents!!

God Bless you !!

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah, I am not sure whether it is the right time to write to you. I have previously sent an email to you but hasn't received any response yet. Probably you are too busy and I am sorry to disturb you again over here. My apologies.

It is regarding the issue where SYABAS has reject to convert our SOHO unit to residential tariff while we actually have individual meter reading for each unit. SYABAS has provided us a reson that, all owners and developer has to sign an agreement stating it is not for commercial purpose, in order to make the conversion. Since SOHO is built for the purpose of either commercial or residential, how could we ask all owner to agree on not using it as commercial purpose and thus, not possible to get all owners signature. SYABAS is just providing this excuse and do not want to proceed further.
Please if you could step in and help us on this matter. Most of us are paying for the commercial charges while we are actually used it for residential purpose. FYI, we manage to get the TNB converted to residential rate, and why not SYABAS?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being appointed
Speaker of the Selangor State Assembly!

Phua Kai Lit