Friday, May 10, 2013

Thank you voters of DUN Subang Jaya

Dear voters of DUN Subang Jaya,

I am humbled by the new mandate entrusted to me. Thank you for coming out early to vote and for coming out strong (more than 86% voters turnout and for giving me a large 28,069 majority!). A special note of thanks to all my volunteers who made this victory possible - banners team, walkabout teams & polling and counting agents team (not forgetting the residents who came out spontaneously to guard the school gates against phantom voters!!). In the next 5 years, I will continue to strive for excellence in discharging my duties as your State Assemblyman. I pledge to work closely with your Member of Parliament YB Wong Chen, the Selangor State Government, Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya and all other authorities to ensure your interests are looked after. Once again, I say thank you for believing in me and for trusting me with your vote. Together we labour for a righteous nation!

Hannah Yeoh


LRMW said...

You certainly deserve the support. The appreciation is mutual as we know the family sacrifices you have to make to serve us.
God bless and give you strength

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear YB,
Congratulations! We supported you. We are disappointed that you did not tweet/post the votes counting results from SMK Sunway centre. Pls can you post the details of the votes garnered by each saluran? Thank you. Pls keep up your good work.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! YB , Hope to see a set up of a health clinic in subang jaya, right now my husband and I got to drive all the way to Tangling health clinic for our health care.

Raine Lee said...

You're awesome, Hannah! You definitely deserve all of our support & I just know that you won't let us down. Thank you to you too & congratulations!!! :)

Keankeanglim said...

I pray that this maybe your portion as you serve...2 Chron 1:7-12.

keankeanglimn said...

I pray that this will be your portion as you serve this nation. 2 Chron 1:7-12. God bless.

limeec said...

Congratulations again. You deserve our support. We know how much sacrifices you and your family have to go through to serve the subang jaya folks. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

many from Subang Jaya that are residing in Australia came out strong (especially in Melbourne) to vote. You have done a good job and we wish that you are blessed with the energy to continue doing the same. Salam UBAH!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Y.B. Happy Mother's Day. You have our trust. Julian

Shanker said...


First of all, congrats for your win. However, I would like to know, how do we voters get a response from you on public issues? Issues raised not necessarily need attention from your service ctr, for eg on policies etc or other matters of governance of the State etc. Pls advise. I must say while I'm glad of your re-appointment, nevertheless I have personally found it somewhat frustrating eliciting responses from your goodself, via Twitter for eg.

There's another matter of urgent concern, for eg the current appointment of the Sgor MB. As this has potential to effect voter confidence, do you have any comment on the matter?


YC said...

Our dear YB who is love and respect by many....
Congratulations to you on your improved majority!!

I was of the several few who spontaneously guarded 1 of the school gate.
At home, I determined I couldn't do nothing about it. So, I convinced 2 friends whom I will remember well for the rest of my life to join me at the nick of time. The other 2 chicken out :(
FRIENDS over there increased despite the drizzle gotten heavier. I recalled I told myself at home, I would be pleased I had done the right thing.
It was more than that; standing among others guarding the entrance, made me feel "weird" - what am I doing ? Coz this is (suppose to be) my country , our country.
But then, I am a proud Malaysian. I didnt allow my feeling to over rule my mind . Yeah, this is a solidarity call , a practical one coz we were there to uphold & champion good values. We all did so coz we love this country.

ON behalf of the rest, this is our small way of showing how much we want you and your team to continue to serve SJ/USJ community.

May God continue to bless & protect you our state assembly woman, your family & your love ones for a wonderful term.

God forbid us as citizens of SJ/USJ where our demands are uncalled for or our expectation ,are unreasonable.

Take Care.


Anonymous said...

Congrats but remember this important message:

(1) At walkabout to thank voters, a grandmother 80+ years old told me to stay a "good" politician &

not to cross to the evil side

Please pass this message to Wong Chen as well.

nur hayati said...

Hi hannah, i want to know, how to contact you just in case we face some problem in your area? Is it by email? Any official email?